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Is Gaffel Kölsch vegan?

In today’s society, the term “vegan” is becoming increasingly important, not only as a dietary style, but also as a way of life that focuses on animal welfare and the promotion of sustainable practices. But what about a traditional drink like Kölsch?

What is vegan?

Vegan is a lifestyle and diet that completely rejects the consumption or use of animal products and by-products. This means that no meat, dairy, egg or honey products are consumed. Animal ingredients are also avoided in other areas such as clothing and cosmetics. The aim is to avoid animal suffering and promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

Is beer vegan?

Beers such as Kölsch are brewed according to the purity law. This means that only ingredients such as water, malt, hops and yeast are used. The use of animal products is not permitted.

What about assistive products?

Individual breweries sometimes clarify their beers with animal-based aids. In this case, the beer is not vegan.

Is Gaffel Kölsch vegan?

Yes, our Kölsch is completely vegan. We brew Gaffel according to the Purity Law using only natural ingredients from water (our own well), Gaffel yeast, malt and hops. No animal additives are used. The Kölsch is clarified using high-performance mechanical filters. The glue for labels is also plant-based, consisting of a mixture of synthetic and plant-based polymers.

Are all Gaffel products vegan?

In addition to Gaffel Kölsch, Gaffel Wiess, Gaffel SonnenHopfen and the Naturradler Gaffel Lemon can also be enjoyed by vegans without hesitation.

Gaffel is vegan pleasure! So if you want to completely avoid the consumption or use of animal products and by-products, you are in good hands with us. Cheers to you all!

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