Gaffel Spirits


Gaffel Spirits - Spirituosen von Gaffel

Gaffel Spirits: Cologne spirits made from high-quality ingredients

Behind the Gaffel Spirits range are four different spirits from Cologne: the herbal liqueur Mamma Nero, the currant liqueur SchwesterHerz, the peach liqueur Plüsch Prumm and the fiery Mexikölner. Gaffel Spirits are made with pure alcohol and selected, high-quality ingredients. Our spirits are suitable as starters or companions in the evening.
Mamma Nero Gaffel Spirits

Mamma Nero

Mamma Nero contains carefully coordinated herbs and spices from the Cologne region and around the world. With a mild 30 percent alcohol, the semi-bitter is characterized by its soft, spicy note. Mamma Nero was named Germany’s best herbal liqueur in 2022!


Produktgruppe: Spirituosen, Kölner Kräuterlikör
Alkoholgehalt: 30 Vol.-% Alk.
Besonderheiten: Sorgfältig ausgewählte Kräuter und Gewürze

Gaffel Spirits SchwesterHerz mit Pinnchen

Schwester Herz

Schwester Herz was prepared over several weeks with ripe currants. The fruity-sweet aroma with tangy notes is characterized by mild 15% alcohol..


Produktgruppe: Spirituosen, Kölner Johannisbeer-Likör
Alkoholgehalt: 15 Vol.-% Alk.
Besonderheiten: Wird über mehrere Wochen mit reifen Johannisbeeren angesetzt

Gaffel Spirits Plüsch Prumm

Plüsch Prumm

Plüsch Prumm is most beautiful Kölsch, actually means “velvet plum”, but is meant the peach. For this liqueur, sun-ripened Calanda peaches were prepared over several weeks. Plüsch Prumm has 15 percent alcohol and a fruit juice content of 85 percent.


Produktgruppe: Spirituosen, Kölner Pfirsisch-Likör
Alkoholgehalt: 15 Vol.-% Alk.
Besonderheiten: Sonnengereifte Calanda-Pfirsische


​Mexikölner is a spicy and fiery spirit made from fine tomato juice, beer brandy, habanero chili, pepper and other valuable ingredients. In terms of taste, its mild 15 percent alcohol is reminiscent of a Bloody Mary with a slightly spicier note.


Produktgruppe: Spirituosen mit scharfem Tomatengeschmack
Alkoholgehalt: 15 Vol.-% Alk.
Besonderheiten: Tomatensaft mit Bierbrand, Habanero-Chili, Pfeffer und weiteren wertvollen Ingredienzien

Fiery and spicy – the Mexican cologne

To love, life and friendship

Mamma Nero – A real cologne herbal liqueur
PLÜSCH PRUMM is also a tribute to all joyful senses.

Gaffel Spirits

Our award winning cologne spirits

Gaffel Spirits are award-winning and have received the coveted DLG Gold Medal several times. Mamma Nero was also named Germany’s best herbal liqueur in 2022. The DLG award particularly emphasized the high enjoyment value as well as the outstanding quality.

Gaffel Spirits Pinnchen in der Gastronomie

Our spirits from the Gaffel Spirits family are also available in the catering trade

Mexikölner Gaffel Spirits

Fiery and spicy – the Mexican cologne

SchwesterHerz – red currant liqueur


Mamma Nero – A tribute to the founder of Cologne

The herbal liqueur is a tribute to the mother of Emperor Nero, Julia Agrippina (Agrippina the Younger). She was born in the Oppidum Ubiorum, today’s Cologne, and later granted the settlement city rights. Julia Agrippina is symbolized in the Cologne Carnival by the maiden of the Cologne triumvirate.

In our semi-bitter, the dominant spicy flavors are enhanced by a refreshing hint of orange peel, a cool mint and lemon balm. MAMMA NERO is drunk as a digestif or aperitif.

Gaffel Spirits MammaNero Kräuterlikör

A semi-bitter with a fruity, spicy soft note

Herbs and spices from the Cologne region

Mamma Nero is drunk neat or on ice


Schwester Herz
– To the friendship

Sister heart is set with German currants. The fruit symbolize in dream interpretation a steady friendship or love relationship that already exists or is being sought. It is best to toast with Sister Heart to love, loyalty and attachment. Because blood is thicker than water! Sister heart is drunk ice cold as a shot or long drink with champagne.

Gaffel Spirits SchwesterHerz Icon

In dreams currants symbolize a constant and good friendship

The best way to toast the love, loyalty and attachment

SchwesterHerz enjoy together


Plüsch Prumm
– To the eternal beauty and love

The juicy-sweet peach fruit is considered a symbol of eternal beauty, youth and love and thus PLÜSCH PRUMM is also a tribute to all joyful senses. The peach aroma reveals itself immediately after pouring with a pleasant sweetness. PLÜSCH PRUMM is drunk ice cold as a shot or long drink with sparkling wine.

Our Cologne peach liqueur is obtained from sun-ripened Calanda peaches from the Spanish region of Aragón
The word Plüsch Prumm is the most beautiful Kölsch and actually means “velvet plum”.


Mexikölner – The spicy and fiery from the cathedral city

The Mexikölner with its spicy, fiery note comes from Malte Böttges and Dennis Busch, operators of the Kölschbar in Cologne’s Belgian Quarter. They had the idea of developing a spicy, tomato-based spirit. Before the final recipe was settled on, they experimented with their guests. Together with Gaffel, the Mexikölner was made available to other restaurants and retail partners. Our drinking recommendation: ice cold as a shot.

From fine tomato juice, beer brandy, habanero chili, pepper and seven other ingredients.

An ideal starter for the evening

The idea of making a spirit from tomato juice, beer brandy and fiery ingredients


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