Gaffel Lemon

Lemonade seduces Kölsch

Gaffel Lemon

Gaffel Lemon

Gaffel Lemon has two percent alcohol and consists of 40 percent Gaffel Kölsch and 60 percent naturally cloudy lemonade. It tastes refreshingly fruity and is pleasantly tangy. Kölner Naturradler is available in the trendy 0.33-liter euro bottle and in the 0.5-liter can, which can be completely recycled again and again without any loss of quality.


Kategorie: Biermischgetränk
Geschmacksrichtung: Zitrone, naturtrüb
Zusammensetzung: 60% Limonade mit Zitronensaft und 40% Gaffel Kölsch
Zusatznutzen: Wir verzichten auf Konservierungs-, Zusatzstoffe und künstliche Aromen
Alkoholgehalt: Alk. 2,0% Vol.
Brennwert: 170 kJ (41 kcal) pro 100 ml

Nutrition Facts

Nährwertangaben pro 100 ml

Brennwert: 170 kJ (41 kcal)
Fett: 0,0 g
 davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: 0,0 g
Kohlenhydrate: 6,9 g
 davon Zucker: 5,8 g
Eiweiß: 0,0 g
Salz: 0,0 g

The Cologne natural Radler by Gaffel
Fruity, tangy and refreshing!
Gaffel Lemon in the 0.33l euro bottle
The perfect companion in the 0.5L can
Young, fresh, summery. Also in the beer garden.
Gaffel Lemon - Schmetterlinge

Thirst quencher

A unique thirst quencher with a refreshing fruity and tangy taste.

Gaffel Lemon creates the perfect balance between Gaffel Kölsch and lemon, resulting in a refreshingly light beer experience. The natural lemonade gives Gaffel Lemon its cloudiness. With only two percent alcohol, our Kölner Naturradler is a unique thirst quencher with a refreshingly fruity and tangy taste. No preservatives, additives or artificial flavors are used in Gaffel Lemon!

Gaffel Lemon - Schmetterlinge
Gaffel Lemon Picknick

the perfect balance between Gaffel Kölsch and lemon

Without preservatives, additives and artificial flavors

With only two percent alcohol

The outdoor companion

The naturally cloudy Gaffel Lemon is also available in a 0.5 l can, which is a perfect outdoor companion. The environmental performance of beverage cans has improved enormously in recent years. The material is 100 percent recyclable. This is why the can currently has the highest growth rates and is one of the most recyclable beverage containers in the world.

Gaffel Lemon

An excellent Cologne natural Radler

Even before it went on sale, the bottle from Cologne-based Naturradler took first place in the prestigious “All Beverage Award” in the beer mix drinks category. The jury’s verdict: “A real enrichment for the world of beer mixes. Gaffel Lemon scores with a refreshing look, lots of local color and has cult factor.”

Gaffel Lemon was also awarded the Gold Medal of the German Agricultural Society (DLG). The quality test is considered the most demanding test of foodstuffs in the world. Each year, the DLG examines around 800 beers and beer-mix drinks in elaborate procedures. The tests focus on extensive laboratory and sensory analyses. In blind tastings, the beer experts assess all relevant quality criteria, such as purity of taste, full-bodiedness and product freshness.