Gaffel Fassbrause

Fassbrause Apple

Fassbrause Apple

The apple naturally cloudy flavor contains the best German harvests from four varieties. The unfiltered fruit juice is enriched with Citra hops, which harmoniously round off the fruity-tart taste. The pleasant sweetness comes exclusively from the fructose of the apples.


Kategorie:Alkoholfreies Mischgetränk
Apfel naturtrüb
Apfelsaft aus Apfelsaftkonzentrat (63%), Wasser, Citra-Hopfen und Kohlensäure
Glutenfrei und natürlich frei von Konservierungsstoffen und Geschmacksverstärkern
0,0 % vol.
111 kJ (26 kcal) pro 100 ml

Nutritional values

Nährwertangaben pro 100 ml

Brennwert: 111 kJ (26 kcal)
Fett: <0,5 g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren: <0,1 g
Kohlenhydrate: 6,3 g
davon Zucker: 6,1 g
Ballaststoffe: <0,5 g
Eiweiß: <0,5 g
Salz: <0,01 g

The pure refreshment with apple. Fassbrause apple.

Gaffels Fassbrause apple – the tart apple spritzer

Fassbrause apple from regional apple harvest

The pure refreshment is also available in a handy six-pack

The pure refreshment in a can – Fassbrause lemon

Fassbrause Apfel

Fassbrause apple

Apple naturally cloudy – the pure refreshment

Gaffels Fassbrause apple naturally cloudy is the sensible addition to the classic flavors lemon and orange. It retains – because it is not filtered – many natural ingredients. With added benefits such as valuable minerals and vitamins, the naturally cloudy Fassbrause is the ideal refreshing drink for the whole family. Plus, it’s not as sweet as conventional sodas. Apple naturally cloudy does not contain gluten and can be drunk safely in case of intolerance.

Our new pure refreshment contains the best German harvests of the Golden Delicious, Jonagold, Granny Smith and Elstar varieties. The natural fruit juice is enriched with Citra hops, which harmoniously round off the fruity-tart taste. The soft drink is produced without preservatives or flavor enhancers. The sweetness is obtained exclusively from the fructose of apples. As a result, we have managed to develop a draft soda that combines a natural apple flavor with the tart taste of hops and thus tastes unmistakably good.

Fassbrause Apfel
Gaffels Fassbrause Apfel
Fassbrause apple is of course also available in Rhineland gastronomy

Refreshingly summery

Fassbrause Apfel das Rheinische Original

the Rhenish original with apple

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