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Beverages from Gaffel in a can

Gaffel Kölsch, Gaffel Wiess, Gaffel Radler and our Fassbrause Lemon! We rely on returnable bottles in retail. However, our range is supplemented by cans. We do this with a clear conscience. Because cans are much better than their reputation!

The can is back

The can is making an impressive comeback! Its market share is currently almost 11 percent. 20 years after the introduction of the mandatory deposit, this packaging is back in fashion.

The can is uncomplicated

Thanks to its low weight, the tin is easy to transport. It can also be artistically designed. It also offers a pleasant feel. It can also be returned to the recycling cycle anywhere.

The can protects

The can is absolutely leak-proof. Neither light nor oxygen can cloud the contents. This is because food reacts sensitively. These two critical factors affect the shelf life and quality.

Is the can environmentally friendly?

It is increasingly being recognized that cans are environmentally friendly due to their high recycling rate and low energy consumption during recycling. The recycling rate for aluminum cans in Europe is over 76%, in Germany even over 99%. The material is the only one that can be recycled indefinitely, i.e. without any loss of quality.

Unsere Recyclingquote gehört zu unserer Verantwortung
The recycling rate for aluminum cans in Europe is over 76 percent, in Germany even over 99 percent.

Privatbrauerei Gaffel

Wir, die Privatbrauerei Gaffel, sind ein mittelständisches, familiengeführtes Unternehmen in vierter Generation. Als Produzent der Traditionsmarke Gaffel Kölsch und weiterer rheinischer Spezialitäten sind wir eng mit der Geschichte Kölns verbunden. Wir fühlen uns den sozialen und kulturellen Bereichen der Stadt verpflichtet und berichten hier in regelmäßigen Abständen über Themen, die uns beschäftigen. Prost zesamme.