Mikkeller Kölsch

Kölsch for Copenhagen
and the world

Mikkeller Koelsch

Mikkeller Kölsch for our Danish friends

The first, internationally successful collaboration is now turning into an intensive collaboration. After the Viking Kölsch brewed together with Mikkeller, we are now producing our own Mikkeller Kölsch for our Danish friends.


Brauart: Obergärig
Biergattung: Vollbier
Stammwürzegehalt: 11,2 %
Alkoholgehalt: 4,9 %
Brennwert: 164 kJ (39 kcal) / 100 ml
Bittereinheiten: 18

Nutrition Facts

0,33l Pfandflasche – Alk. 5,0% Vol. 

Zutaten: Wasser,
Gerstenmalz, Hopfenextrakt

with notes of lime, grapefruit and tropical fruit aromas.

From the longneck bottle


Mikkeller Kölsch

Sally! o Sally!

The top-fermented beer called “Sally! O Sally” is brewed in Cologne under the specifications of craft beer pioneer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø by the Gaffel brewmasters in accordance with the Kölsch Convention. The Kölsch Convention, the purity law “op” Kölsch, is the basis for protection by the European Union. Since 1998, Kölsch has been both a variety and a designation of origin. Therefore, the specialty may only be brewed in Cologne.

Mikkeller Kölsch also in the traditional longneck bottle

The first, internationally successful collaboration has turned into an intensive collaboration.

Mikkeller Kölsch - Brewed in Cologne at Gaffel

Brewed in Cologne under the specifications of craft beer pioneer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø.

Always tasty. no matter where. Mikkeller Kölsch

As international as the 0.5L can

Mikkeller from Denmark

As a craft beer specialist, Mikkeller boss Mikkel Borg Bjergsø appreciates Gaffel’s high level of brewing expertise and experience in top-fermented beers. The Dane has developed more than 2,000 different beers since 2006, which are produced worldwide at friendly breweries and, for some years now, also at the company’s own brewery in San Diego. Mikkeller beers are drunk in 50 countries. It also has its own bars on three continents.
Cheers along with Mikkeller Koelsch
Mikkeller Kölsch in the international 0,5L can

Real Kölsch is only from Cologne!

​Kölsch is a regional variety, located in the Rhineland. Nevertheless, the top-fermented beer enjoys an excellent reputation internationally. Kölsch from Cologne can be found all over the world: in the USA as well as in China, Brazil and, of course, in neighboring European countries. Mikkeller Kölsch, produced in Cologne, once again underscores the high status of Kölsch in the entire beer and craft beer scene. But: Real Kölsch is only from Cologne!


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