Gaffel wiess

like it always was

a drinkable and mild classic beer

Gaffel Wiess is the top-fermented beer specialty from the cathedral city on the Rhine – light, unfiltered and naturally cloudy. Until the middle of the last century, Wiess was the national drink of the people of Cologne and thus the forefather of Kölsch as we know it today. The drinkable and mild character makes this beer classic a real taste experience – especially in convivial company. Cheers together!


Brauart: obergärig
Biergattung: Helles naturtrübes Bier
Stammwürzegehalt: 11,50%
Alkohol: Alk.4,9% vol
Brennwert: 42 kcal.
Bittereinheiten (BE): 11

Nutrition Facts

Nährwertangaben pro 100 ml

Brennwert: 176 kJ (42 kcal)
 davon gesättigte Fettsäuren:
 davon Zucker:

mild. as it always was

freshly tapped in the Seidel in gastronomy

mild. as it always was
mild. as it always was

Wiess was first introduced in the Rhineland gastronomy

Also available in the 0.33l bottle
Optionally as a six pack or whole box
drinkable, mild

The naturally cloudy forefather of Kölsch is conquering the palates of the Rhinelanders.

The naturally cloudy forefather of Kölsch is conquering the palates of Rhinelanders. The mild character also convinces fans of other beer styles in beer gardens, restaurants, and at the counters of breweries and pubs. Gaffel Wiess is also available in the new trendy 0.33l Euro bottle. The labels are made of completely recyclable paper.

The ancestor of Kölsch

Now also in the trendy Euro bottle

Crown caps with changing motifs

Naturally cloudy, as it used to be

Naturally cloudy beers used to be normal. Bright filtration was only made possible by new high-performance filters after the industrial revolution. The bright beer gradually became established. Filtered Kölsch, as we know it, replaced unfiltered Wiess at the beginning of the last century. Today, naturally cloudy beers – also called yeast-cloudy beers – are in demand again.

Brewed according to the purity law

Gaffel Wiess is brewed in accordance with the Purity Law, according to which only hops, yeast, malt and water may be used in the brewing process. The hops come from the Hallertau region of Bavaria. All other ingredients come from the Rhineland. For the Wiess, Gaffel’s own yeast provides the alcoholic fermentation, which has very special properties and makes the beers from the house of Gaffel something special

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