Gaffel Wiess brings the urban lifestyle to life

Cologne, April 27, 2023 – Drinking beer away or in public places is part of the urban lifestyle in Cologne. More and more people are supplying themselves with drinks at kiosks and city supermarkets and then lingering in public places.

In the handy 0.33l Euro bottle, Gaffel Wiess is the ideal beer for out and about. The light top-fermented beer is a success story and is finding more and more fans who are increasingly drinking Wiess as a Rhenish alternative to Helles.

Like the bottom-fermented Helles variety, Gaffel Wiess is drinkable, mild and subtly hopped. Only the top-fermented brewing method and natural cloudiness differ from Helles. As a result, Wiess develops a full-bodied taste.

The mild character makes this beer specialty a real taste experience. Gaffel Wiess is also drunk in Veedelskneipen, clubs and breweries. It is served in 0.3-liter mugs, a perfect size for Rhenish beer gardens.

Until the middle of the last century, the Wiess beer style was the national drink of the people of Cologne and thus the forefather of Kölsch. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) awarded Gaffel Wiess a gold medal for its outstanding quality.

Privatbrauerei Gaffel

Wir, die Privatbrauerei Gaffel, sind ein mittelständisches, familiengeführtes Unternehmen in vierter Generation. Als Produzent der Traditionsmarke Gaffel Kölsch und weiterer rheinischer Spezialitäten sind wir eng mit der Geschichte Kölns verbunden. Wir fühlen uns den sozialen und kulturellen Bereichen der Stadt verpflichtet und berichten hier in regelmäßigen Abständen über Themen, die uns beschäftigen. Prost zesamme.