Gaffel Wiess is now also available in the practical 0.5 liter can

Cologne, February 22, 2024 – Since the beginning of the year, Gaffel Wiess has also been available in a practical half-liter can. The new container is the perfect companion for all situations – whether traveling, on hikes, picnics or simply for enjoyment in between.

The environmental footprint of the beverage can has improved enormously. It is 100 percent recyclable. The material can also be recycled indefinitely. This is why the container is currently recording the highest growth rates and is one of the most recyclable beverage containers in the world.

“The introduction of the 0.5 liter can is a direct response to the strong demand from both retailers and many consumers,” explains Thomas Deloy, Head of Marketing and PR at Gaffel. “It is also in line with the trend for more convenient packaging solutions. The can is not only practical, but also sustainable.”

Gaffel Wiess pays homage to the brewing tradition of the Rhineland and offers an alternative to the Helles beer style. Originally the national drink of the people of Cologne, the top-fermented Wiess with its unfiltered, naturally cloudy character and subtle hopping ensures incomparable enjoyment. The mild taste with an alcohol content of 4.9% makes it highly drinkable and the perfect year-round beer.

In addition to the new 0.5-liter can, Gaffel Wiess is still available in the 0.33-liter Euro bottle in a six-pack and in a single bottle in a crate. Gaffel Wiess is also available in 30-liter KEG kegs.

Michael Busemann

ist euer Ansprechpartner für alle Fragen rund um unsere Privatbrauerei Gaffel. Der gelernte Journalist gehört zum Gründungsteam von Radio Köln und hat für verschiedene Print-Titel sowie beim WDR gearbeitet. Anschließend gründete er die PR-Agentur „DIE KOELNER“, die für Gaffel im Bereich Public und Customer Relations tätig ist. Michael ist zudem ausgebildeter Biersommelier und Sektionsleiter des gleichnamigen Verbandes. Regelmäßig führt er öffentliche Biertastings durch ( Seit diesem Jahr leitet er den Club der Gaffel Fründe (