Gaffels Fassbrause – The Rhineland original founded the segment of modern Fassbrause drinks

Cologne, 15 September 2022 – With Gaffel’s Fassbrause, the unprecedented triumph of a new beverage genre began. The first non-alcoholic soft drink in Gaffel’s brewery history developed into a mega-seller with numerous awards when it was launched in 2010. Within a very short time, Gaffel’s Fassbrause has conquered the hearts of the Rhinelanders.

Gaffels Fassbrause was the first of its kind and founded the segment of modern keg fizzy drinks. That’s why it can also call itself the Rhineland original. Copied a dozen times, but still unrivalled in taste, the Fassbrause from Cologne is an integral part of many people’s beverage purchases.

“We refresh with an excellent taste that is rooted in the unique recipe,” says Thomas Deloy, Head of Marketing and PR at Privatbrauerei Gaffel. “With our Fassbrause, we have broken new ground as a brewery. We have also fulfilled the demand for innovation with our other new launches such as Gaffel Wiess and Gaffel Lemon.”

The taste, the pure refreshment and the excellent quality inspire not only the consumers but also the experts. For the seventh time, the Rhineland original received the DLG Gold Medal in 2022. The international quality test of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) is considered the world’s most demanding assessment of food.

Gaffels Fassbrause is a non-alcoholic, fruity, tart and aromatic mixed drink. The pure refreshment contains minerals, is rich in B + C vitamins and free of preservatives and flavour enhancers. With these added benefits, Gaffel’s Fassbrause is the ideal refreshing drink for the whole family. Ice-cold at 3 to 6 degrees, Gaffel’s Fassbrause can fully unfold its refreshing effect.

Gaffels Fassbrause apple naturally cloudy is the sensible addition to the classic flavours lemon and orange. Because it is not filtered, many natural ingredients are retained. It is less sweet than conventional lemonades. Apple naturally cloudy does not contain gluten and can be drunk safely in case of intolerance.

Freedom, fun and spontaneity, these are the attributes that go with Gaffels Fassbrause in addition to pure refreshment. The advertising is structured accordingly. The campaigns convey real feelings of life and real stories are told. The current motif also shows people experiencing pure refreshment: A clique enjoys a balmy summer night and jumps into a pool full of high spirits. The campaign was designed by the Cologne agency Posnik, Spohr.

Up the Rhine in Switzerland, Gaffel’s draught soda pop is also a hit. In the Swiss Confederation, the flavours lemon and orange are offered in the 0.33l longneck bottle. In the German trade, Gaffel’s Fassbrause is also offered in the 0.5l can. The aluminium containers, which are subject to a deposit, expand the packaging spectrum and are an equally environmentally friendly alternative to the bottle.

“With the launch of Gaffels Fassbrause more than ten years ago, we evolved from a mono-brand to a portfolio provider,” says Thomas Deloy. “In the future, our Rhineland original will continue to be very successful in the growing AFG segment.”

Privatbrauerei Gaffel

Wir, die Privatbrauerei Gaffel, sind ein mittelständisches, familiengeführtes Unternehmen in vierter Generation. Als Produzent der Traditionsmarke Gaffel Kölsch und weiterer rheinischer Spezialitäten sind wir eng mit der Geschichte Kölns verbunden. Wir fühlen uns den sozialen und kulturellen Bereichen der Stadt verpflichtet und berichten hier in regelmäßigen Abständen über Themen, die uns beschäftigen. Prost zesamme.